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Rachel Chapple, PhD (Founder, Real Stories Gallery Foundation (501c)3)

Every morning when I wake up, I think. Why is everyone not ranting and raving in the streets to bring an end to the horror being endured by thousands and thousands of kids in the heart of our communities. Today the Internet permits me to reach out further and faster than at any other time in my life. What I have found is the horror being endured by unaccompanied & homeless kids in my locality (New York City) is also being experienced by kids across borders and continents. It makes me feel sick to my gut. Especially when I look at my own kids and know clearly that I would crumple up if any of them had to endure even a fraction of what the SHOW ME YOUR LIFE boys are being forced to do to survive, every day and every night. Every time I fail spectacularly to secure a safer place for the SHOW ME YOUR LIFE kids to run to and grow up in, I feel enraged and compelled to wade out further into the depths and try out something else, bang on another door, clamber through a little window left ajar, try some other way to get it for them. I truly believe that sexually abused & sexually exploited kids are better off when they have a safe place to run to and grow up in. And noone will ever convince me otherwise. I know the kids in SHOW ME YOUR LIFE are not my kids. But they are my kids, each and every last one of them. So I will fight for them and with them. And in the only way I know how and am able - through mashing up art and poetry and today's technologies.

Rachel co-founded the online art and storytelling initiative in 2009 and the Real Stories Gallery Foundation 501(c)(3) in 2010. Real Stories collaborative initiatives include: "i believe you" : Show Me Your Life (2010), Tristan's Moon (2011), The Smash Street Boys Festival (2012) and Show Me Your Life, Safe House (2013).

Rachel completed her PhD and BA (First Class) in Social Anthropology at S.O.A.S (School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London). Her thesis - '"It's rude to interrupt when someone is speaking..." explored the imagery, stories and language employed by contemporary artists from eleven African countries. Her research focused on the creational context (the period the artists created their work) and the exhibition of their images and ideas: how the artists and their work was received by a wide audience within the context of Africa 95's National Museums, Galleries and University Forums in the UK (Pamoja International Sculpture Workshop at the Henry Moore Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and in London at Gasworks Artists Studio / Residency program).  She was sponsored by The British Council for her follow up research in Botswana among the Thapong International Artists' Workshop artists.

Prior to this Rachel worked for several years as a senior designer & project coordinator for Steve Simons, the Creative Director at Event Communications Ltd  Whilst completing her four years of art & design at The London College of Furniture, Rachel received a National Design Bursary Award and was sponsored by Formica Ltd to undertake an holography course with Professor Martin Richardson, PhD RCA. 

Rachel was born in Singapore and raised among The Gurkha Regiments, British Army (she is the daughter of Field Marshal Sir John Chapple). Rachel has been influenced by the philanthropic and human rights work undertaken by The Gurkha Welfare Trust, Open Society Foundations, Survival International, Amnesty International and Anti-Slavery International. She has lived, and worked in U.K., The Netherlands, Italy, Gibraltar, Germany, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Botswana and America. Today Rachel lives in Harlem, NYC where she raises her four children, supports The I.D.E.A.L School of Manhattan (Individualized Education for All Learners), The Dwight School (International Educational Program) and runs the Real Stories Gallery Foundation 501c3.


Thank you very much for jumping in to share the kids' vision and to strengthen their initiative... 


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Real Stories Gallery Foundation is designing a model safe house and art program for survivors of sexualized violence directed at boys and the international sex trade in boys, who are living with the devastating physical, psychological and social consequences of being infected with HIV.

Real Stories Gallery Foundation is a registered 501c3 charity in the USA. EIN: 80-0575894. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

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